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AQHA Memberships for USDF Judges

Over the past year, owners of American Quarter Horses have enjoyed the opportunity to compete for AQHA points and awards in dressage competitions. We continue to hear positive feedback and want to keep that momentum moving. That's why we're writing to you today.

When dressage was approved as an event, one of the requirements was for those judging dressage to be members of AQHA. While many dressage judges have become AQHA members and learned more about the American Quarter Horse, we thought we could help grow this discipline and provide you with your first year of membership courtesy of AQHA. We hope you'll discover the wonderful world of American Quarter Horses and continue to be a member for many years to come.

One of the many benefits of AQHA membership is America's Horse magazine - you will begin receiving your copy with the March/April issue. Membership also includes several discounts for products and services including FedEx, Ford, equine and personal insurance and Equipass, a service similar to AAA for the horse owner. All of these membership benefits can be found on AQHA's web site at

You will receive your new member packet in the next few weeks. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact AQHA at (806) 376-4811.  Also, should you have any thoughts on ways AQHA can continue to promote dressage, please give us a call.



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