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Lynn Palm Day
Michelle Williams and her horse "A Cash Vantage" aka “Casey” with Lynn Palm
Click Here to Read Michelle's Dressage Tale

A Cash Vantage aka “Casey” earned 10.5 points in dressage this past weekend at The Good Horseman Dressage Show securing the 13 year old bay gelding’s Register of Merit in Dressage.  Casey is also qualified for the USDF/GAIG Regional Championships in Region 3 held in Conyers, Georgia October 15 – 17, 2010 in First Level Musical Freestyle.  Casey is shown by Michelle Williams of Ball ground, Georgia.  Earlier this year, Casey and Michelle were the demonstration team for Lynn Palm at the Stars n Stripes and Big A quarter horse show during her clinic and dressage demonstration. 

Michelle Williams

Lynn, I thought you might like to know that this weekend I completed the final requirements for the Dressage Bronze Medal achieving my final three qualifying scores, 1 at 2nd level and 2 at 3rd level. Although a lot of people have achieved this recognition, what makes it special for me is that I did it on a registered Quarter Horse.

Barbara Nagle

Hello Lynn,
I talked to you at WEG a little about my wonderful quarter horse gelding ww Black Magic .

We qualified 2nd level this year and are now starting to compete at 3rd.
I promised you pictures and many apologies about them being so late.

One day after returning from competing at region 3 finals, I had a bit of set back.
I am completely blind in my right eye because of damage from repeated retinal detachments. And then, that day, my left retina decided to detach.
My good eye. I have had 3 surgeries in the past 6 weeks. .
The hardest thing about these procedures is I have to lie in one position for 7 plus days while the retina heals.
Right now, the retina is holding and I have 85% vision in one eye.
Time will tell if it will stay, or if I will be able to ride again any time soon, or at all.....sigh.

About Magic. He is a once in a lifetime horse..and I have to say a bit of a celebrity! Folks always come to watch him.
I like to think of him as the little Samson among the Goliath Warmbloods.
At our freestyle we got the biggest round of foot stomping, standing applause, and I had so many folks tell me how much they love seeing your everyday quarter horse competing with all the imports!
I don't tell them that i wouldn't trade Totalis for my big hearted boy!
He looks very Thoughbred-y but you have to go back 4 generations to find a TB in his bloodlines.

We also event, do hunters and also Jumpers(my favorite) fox-hunt, ride side saddle, do competitive trail, and endurance.
I have only been able to see him a handful of times since the surgeries but he is so slow and so careful , I wish I could bring him home to be my seeing eye horse!
I know he would do that too!

Thank you so much in the work you do promoting AQHA in dressage.
My boy, perhaps doesn't have the extravagant movement of your typical dressage horse, but his mind, and his willingness to learn, and his forgiving nature, I think make him the perfect dressage partner!

If I can help you in anyway to promote Quarter Horses in dressage, let me know.

Thank you,

Mary Cour Burrows
Germantown TN

QHDI have met you several times in IL and WIs and Appreciate your efforts to make Dressage a point earning discipline for AQHA horses.

Earned 5th in the nation in USDF all breeds awards Quarter Horse Division

  • 6th in the Nation in USEF at First Level tests 1 and 2

  • 24 first place awards

  • Earned 71% in training level and 69% in First Level tests one and two


We would not have adventured out to show if not for your efforts to make it possible to earn points.
And thanks for your help from what you wrote in various magazines.

THANKS again. Marie Hoffman

Dear Lynn,  

I am a certified riding instructor with ARIA and a Natural Horsemanship enthusiast. I have 3 quarter horses who have been schooled in groundwork so beautifully - that they do all of the Level I Dressage requirements not only online but at liberty and under saddle.  My students who want to learn more about Dressage (since Dressage is the best foundation for any discipline) are able to enjoy "feeling" what the movement is like before they learn to execute it themselves from the saddle. Often my students ride bareback and feel exactly what the horse is doing.  

Quarter Horses have such a wonderful overall temperament that they are usually happy athletes and by integrating Dressage into their foundation and basic "lesson horse" work...Dressage becomes fun for them...and thus fun for the student/rider. What these horses teach my students by already knowing how to leg yield, bend, execute a shoulder in, execute precise and smooth gait transitions, and all that is required for First Level Dressage is awesome. Because of their steady attitudes and willingness to be "partners" the Quarter Horse - in my opinion - is the perfect horse for young upcoming Dressage students.  

Lynn Holcombe

Starwood Creek Farm

South Carolina 

 Dear Lynn, 

On a hot muggy weekend the 2 day show, Dressage At Fair Hill, Elkton, MD was a booming success.  AQHA designed a banner for us and it was proudly displayed in front of the viewing area.  I was proud of the fact that all the Quarter Horses showing were all First Level.  Award Ribbons were handed out to the High Scoring and Reserve High Scoring Quarter Horse.  The announcer all weekend announced that this was an Approved AQHA/USEF/USDF show.After a slow start on his first test  our quarter horse stallion won 2 Reserve Champion Classes, a 3rd and a 5th.   He was the Quarter Horse High Score Champion and he was the USEF Performance Horse Registry (PHR) Champion. The Reserve Quarter Horse Champion was a 16 hands Palomino, from PA,  that also place numerous times in the 2 day show. They all had their lifetime AQHA Dressage Competition Cards, and were so proud of them.  They were all so grateful we were getting shows approved.  I am convinced it will get bigger and better.

I Thought the Highlight Of The Show, for all our hard work getting this started was: They had 2 Rings running at the same time.  Sunday afternoon there was a Quarter Horse Showing in Ring 1 and a Quarter Horse Showing in Ring 2 at the same time.It was kind of  a vision come true. What are the odds out of 120 class test per day, of that happening. On to the next show.

Don Darks

Hi Lynn,
My horse's name is Mysterious Detail. I have been competing in Training 4 and First 1. I think I have 9 points so far....based on my scores.

The folks at NC Dressage and Combined Training Association actually featured my horse and one other quarter horse in their newsletter last month....so we are getting lots of support from the folks in NC.

Teena F. Middleton, Ph.D.
Kenansville, NC

Teena Mysterious Detail 

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