Since the early 1990's, Lynn Palm has been a major proponent for showing the American Quarter Horse in the dressage discipline. While riding and showing 1991 AQHA Superhorse "The Lark Ascending," Lynn's main objective was to convince the AQHA that quarter horses are excellent competitors in dressage and should be recognized for their accomplishments. Finally after nearly 20 years, on January 1st 2010 the AQHA agreed to recognize dressage as a event in which points could be earned. In honor of this historic event, Lynn has dedicated this site to educating the public on the benefits of training dressage.

Dressage is simply the French word for "training" and training the correct way makes all the difference. By building a dressage foundation, a horse can gain suppleness, flexibility and balance, all while strengthening the rider's partnership and bond with their horse. Through the standardized progressive training methods of dressage, a horse's natural athletic ability and willingness to perform will be revealed and his potential as a riding horse will be maximized. Horses trained correctly will be able perform various maneuvers while remaining relaxed and giving the illusion of effortlessness.

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